3 Signs You're Overexercising - And How to Recover Fast

3 Signs You're Overexercising - And How to Recover Fast

 Exercise is a good thing, but it's important to know when you're doing too much. While most people worry they don’t exercise enough, it’s not difficult to overdo it if you’re starting a new training program or love to be active.

The problem is, overexercising causes wear and tear on your muscles and joints. This puts you at a greater risk of injury.

Here are some telltale signs that you’re overexercising and some tips to help you recover fast.

You Could Be Overexercising If…

Sign #1: Your muscles are always sore. 

Muscle soreness is normal after a workout. During your training, microscopic tears occur in the muscle fibers that need time to heal and strengthen. This soreness can last up to two days after a particularly intense workout. If your muscles still feel sore several days after your workout, you may have overdone it. And if your muscles always feel sore, you are likely caught in a cycle of overexercising. 

Recovery Tip: Rest days and Epsom Salt Baths

Thankfully, muscle soreness is quickly relieved with a little rest and relaxation. Give yourself a few “off” days to repair the muscle fibers and reboot your energy. Take your rest days to the next level with a pain-relieving Epsom salt bath. Epsom salt baths ease tense muscles, reduce inflammation, and relieve soreness.

Sign #2: Your performance isn’t what it used to be despite exercising more.

The more you work out, the stronger, faster, and better you should be. Right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If you feel like you’re not moving forward with your training, you could be plateauing. And if you notice your endurance, stamina, and strength are getting worse, you’re likely overdoing it. 

Recovery Tip: Exercise at 50-70% for two weeks. 

When you’re stuck in a cycle of overexercising and under-performing, you need a reset. Instead of going full force on your workouts, aim to go 50-70% as hard as you usually would. This gives your body the chance to recover while keeping you active and motivated.

Sign #3: You have new health symptoms. 

Overexercising causes an increase in inflammation - not just in the muscles but throughout the body. Inflammation can lead to a range of seemingly unrelated issues like joint pain, insomnia, digestive upset, anxiety, and more.

Recovery Tip: Swap your regular exercise with yoga or stretching.

Reduce inflammation and restore your body’s natural balance with calming exercises like yoga and stretching. These exercises are low-impact and help the body heal. As a bonus, yoga and stretching can help to promote sleep, reduce stress, and ease digestion, so your symptoms fade faster.

Be Unstoppable: Recover Fast with CBD Sports Recovery Gel

It’s easy to over train when you are working towards your goals and love your sport. But overexercise has some serious downfalls. With smart recovery steps to help you restore your energy and prevent over training injuries.

A simple way to recovery from overexercising is Unstoppable CBD gel. CBD quickly relieves muscle soreness and neutralizes the inflammation in the muscles and tendons so your body can prepare for your next workout. 

If you’re going to train hard, train smart. Plan for a fast recovery with Unstoppable Sports Recovery Gel. 

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