4 Self-Care Tips to Become a Better Athlete

4 Self-Care Tips to Become a Better Athlete

Whether you’re an amateur or professional athlete, you’re always looking for ways to improve your game. It’s no secret - if you want to be the best, you have to work hard. But there is more to being your best than putting in hours at the gym, on the track, or in the field.

Sometimes, the best way to improve your game is by giving your mind and body some TLC. Here we’ll share some simple self-care tips that will boost your performance and help you become a better athlete.

Self-Care Tips to Become a Better Athlete

1.  Eat for health.

Having a healthy diet is essential for every athlete. Fuel up with foods that are nutrient-dense and avoid processed foods and gimmicky sports snacks. Make sure you’re eating enough protein, fats, and carbs to support your unique body and your sport.

It’s not just about what you eat, but how you eat, when you eat, and your mindset about eating that can make a difference. Time your meals and snacks to support your workouts and competitions properly. Lastly, think of food as nourishment that helps every cell in your body perform at its best, not just as fuel to push you through the day.

2.  Warm-up properly.

Many athletes know the importance of warming up to prevent injuries and perform their best, but it can be tempting to skip this crucial step when you’re busy. No matter how pumped you are to start your workout or competition, your body deserves a proper warm-up. Stretch every muscle group, hydrate, and use Sports Recovery Gel to increase circulation to your muscles and prevent muscle aches.

3.  Schedule your rest.

Rest is just as important as training. When you rest, your body not only solidifies its muscle memory, but it repairs tissue, strengthens your muscles and joints, and improves your focus.

Unfortunately, it’s common to skip rest periods or overlook the importance of rest. To make the most of your downtime, be sure to schedule rest days, light workouts, restful activities into your training plan just as you do other workouts.

The same goes for sleep. Set a bedtime and stick to it to ensure your body gets all the rest it needs to function optimally.

Use CBD gel for quicker recovery and natural pain relief.

CBD gel is popular among athletes - and for good reason. Using CBD topically helps to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and speeds up recovery. Because CBD gel enhances the healing process, it is a simple, yet effective self-care habit for any athlete.

To incorporate CBD gel into your self-care routine, use a high-quality product like Unstoppable’s Sports Recovery Gel before and/or after your workout. If you suffer from pain or mobility issues, you can also use the CBD gel before bed or after waking up in the morning to feel better all day long.

Become a Better Athlete with Unstoppable CBD

Self-care is an essential part of being the best athlete you can be. Start with these four simple self-care tips to improve your game, then add new ones as you find out what practices work best for you.

Unstoppable’s Sports Recovery Gel is the perfect self-care solution for busy, active athletes who want a competitive edge. Our unique formula is designed to relieve pain fast while also protecting your muscles against injury and inflammation.

Be your best. Get Unstoppable today. 

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