4 Ways to Level Up Your Pickleball Game

4 Ways to Level Up Your Pickleball Game

Pickleball pros and newbies alike want one thing from their training: to become a better player. Are you ready to level up your pickleball game? These four simple strategies will give you the added edge you need to play like a pro. 

4 Ways to Level Up Your Pickleball Game

1. Perfect the basics

In any sport, a solid foundation in the basics will make you a better player. You’ll gain complexity and nuance in your skills as your game develops, but fancy gameplay can’t overcome a poor grasp on the basics.
A better game often lies in a simpler game. Review and perfect your go-to shots (like groundstrokes, volleys, and dinks) to win more points, more reliably. Feeling solid on the basics will also increase your confidence on the court.

2.  Warm-up, then stretch

You know that warming up is an essential self-care practice for athletes. But do you do it properly?

Unfortunately, many pickleball players don’t warm up the right way before hitting the court. A good warm-up is about more than stretching – it’s about getting your muscles get in the best shape possible before your game or practice. This gives you an extra edge that will help you move faster, increase your range of motion, and move with precision.

Pickleball experts recommend warming up for pickleball by getting your blood flowing. Do a quick, easy jog or a few sets of jumping jacks. Then, do dynamic stretches like walking lunges and shoulder rotations. Then, start practicing a few pickleball moves. Try a dink shuffle and practice some backhands, forehands, and overhead strokes.

3.  Train your brain

Like any sport, pickleball is more than physical skills. You need mental focus and clear thinking to strategize. And, you need to be calm and relaxed to repond efficiently to plays.

There are times when stress and performance anxiety get the best of your game. To help, use pre-game pickleball meditations, breathing exercises, and CBD tinctures to perform your best.

With a CBD tincture like Unstoppable’s AM Formula: Focus + Endurance, you’ll feel both at ease and focused. We recommend taking this tincture daily in the mornings, or one-hour before your pickleball match. 

4.  Use CBD Gel Pre-Game and Post-Game

While many people use CBD gel to fight pain and recover from sports injuries, CBD gel can also be used for performance enhancement.
When used before a match or practice, CBD gel can help improve circulation through critical joints and muscles needed in pickleball. Apply it to your elbows, shoulders, knees, and ankles for better range of motion. It can also keep inflammation at bay and prevent post-game soreness.

After you quit the courts, apply CBD gel to those same joints to continue to keep inflammation down and encourage healthy circulation. This can also help prevent next-day fatigue and stiffness so you can get back out there and play great tomorrow, too. 

Prepare Better, Play Better

Did you notice a theme in all four strategies? They all require a little extra preparation and prevention. If there’s a secret to leveling up your game in any sport – including pickleball – the extra time spent on preparation is it!

Unstoppable CBD can help you boost your pickleball performance with both focus-enhancing CBD tinctures and pain-preventing CBD Sports Recovery Gel.

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