7 Ways Horseback Riding Boosts Your Health

7 Ways Horseback Riding Boosts Your Health

Whether you’re a well-seasoned equestrian or new to horseback riding, you’ve likely experienced the thrill and joy that comes from riding. Not to mention the amazing workout it provides!

We know that riding is an excellent way to get exercise, but it’s great for your health in many other ways, too. Research shows that horse riding has both physical and psychological benefits for riders of all ages.

If you needed any extra motivation to get out and ride, this is it! 

Here's how horseback riding can boost your health:

  1. Horseback riding improves cardiovascular health

    Along with burning calories, riding offers a great way to get the blood flowing. Studies suggest that regular riding may even decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  2. Horseback riding improves core strength and balance

    Staying in the saddle is no easy task! Riding trains the core muscles to be strong and trains the inner thighs and pelvic muscles. Proper riding posture also improves overall posture and improves balance, flexibility, and coordination.

  3. Horseback riding engages the entire body

    Riding itself is a moderate exercise that activates many of the body’s muscles. But all aspects of riding (including grooming, moving hay bales, lifting saddles, adjusting props and obstacles, and carrying buckets) are considered exercise. These activities are widely varied and give every part of the body a workout.

  4. Horseback riding improves mental health

    In a time where many people are suffering from mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and even simple stress, horseback riding offers the opportunity to blow off steam and have some fun. Not only does exercise help improve our sense of well-being, but the act of riding boosts self-confidence

  5. Horseback riding gets us outside

    Spending time outside in nature is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that getting outside, especially for exercise, effectively reduces stress and increases happiness and well-being

  6. Horseback riding improves social well-being

    Riding is a sport that affects every aspect of life. In addition to being great exercise, riding offers us the chance to socialize with other riders. As riders, we also form strong bonds with the horses themselves. In a more and more isolating world, these bonds, ties, and sense of community are essential to our well-being. 

  7. Horseback riding keeps your mind sharp

    Riding is an excellent way to train the brain to stay sharp and focused. Not only does riding allow us to practice staying calm and adjusting quickly to our surroundings, but the sport of horseback riding always offers new challenges and opportunities for growth – an essential habit for healthy brain health long into old age.

Stay Healthy While Riding with Unstoppable

Horse riding is an excellent way to stay healthy and happy through the years. But, as with any sport, setbacks are a part of equestrian life. Thankfully, topical CBD can help you minimize pain and tension from riding and help you heal from injuries faster. 

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