Are Disc Golf Shoulder Injuries Preventable

Are Disc Golf Shoulder Injuries Preventable?

Shoulder injuries are common in any throwing sport, especially disc golf. Studies suggest that 43% of disc golfers sustain a shoulder injury at some point. 

But you don’t have to be one of them! There are many simple ways you can naturally prevent shoulder injuries and improve your disc golf skills at the same time.

Let’s learn the essential steps to protecting your shoulder from injury while playing disc golf.

How to Prevent Disc Golf Shoulder Injuries 

Can you prevent shoulder injuries? With some dedication, strategic exercises, and shoulder TLC, you can!

    1. Keep your thoracic spine flexible

      One of the most common reasons disc golfers develop shoulder injuries is because the thoracic spine is too stiff. It doesn’t allow for full motion of the rotator cuff which stresses and injures the shoulder.

      The Fix: Do yoga or stretches that twist the thoracic spine daily and before you head out to play.

    2. Strengthen your rotator cuff

      The shoulder is a relatively unstable joint in the body and deserves some extra care and training. We can stabilize the shoulder by strengthening the muscles of the rotator cuff.

      The Fix: Rather than focusing on just the biceps, deltoids, or triceps, be sure to practice exercises that work the muscles of the rotator cuff.

    3. Boost your core strength

      Core strength is key no matter your sport. In disc golf, having a strong core provides stability and strength to the thoracic spine. This gives you better force to throw, while also protecting your shoulder and hips from injury.

      The Fix: Add core strengthening exercises to your daily routine with crunches, planks, or even pilates.

    4. Don’t forget posture

      A good throwing posture is essential for preventing injuries. Plus it improves your accuracy and range! When you stand up straight, your elbow and shoulder are able to fully extend without limitation or potential strain.

      The Fix: Do a posture check before you throw and throughout the day. Practice sitting and standing up straight with your shoulders rotated back. This is especially important if you spend hours each day at a computer or using a phone (which slumps your shoulders forward).

    5. Recover with CBD

      CBD gel is an athlete’s best friend. Not only does it help to stop pain and reduce inflammation, it also helps to protect the joints and prevent injuries.

      The Fix:
      Use Unstoppable Sports Recovery Gel on your throwing shoulder before and after practice or a game.

Prevent Shoulder Injuries and Throw Like a Pro

Let’s face it - shoulders are vulnerable, tricky joints that are prone to injury. 

To keep your throwing arm as powerful, accurate, and pain-free as possible, practice these tips. Then, use Unstoppable Sports Recovery Gel to enhance all your hard work and keep you in the game. 

Ready to be Unstoppable? Get your Sports Recovery Gel today!

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