Could CBD Help Horses

Could CBD Help Your Horse, Too?

Can CBD Help Horses Too

Many horse riders have found that high-quality CBD products have helped them stay on top of their pain, feel less stressed and tense, and even perform better on the track. CBD offers a simple and safe solution for riders to stay healthy, whether they’re competing or just enjoying the ride.

So, if CBD can help riders conquer pain and stay stress-free, could it help our horses, too? Studies show that CBD does have potential benefits for both horse and rider - let’s take a look!

What is CBD and How Can it Help Horses?


When horses are put through extensive labor, they can develop health alterations that can worsen over time.

But, it can be hard to tell when our horses are experiencing underlying health problems in a horse. For this reason, many choose to help their horses maintain their peak health and fitness by using holistic measures like chiropractic, acupuncture, touch therapy, and supplements.

To manage horses’ minor health concerns, many horse owners are turning to CBD.

CBD is a compound extracted from hemp. Because it belongs to the cannabis family, it is commonly mistaken as a drug. However, CBD is not a drug (like marijuana and products with high concentrations of THC). Instead, it is a medicinal herb with anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antiemetic, antioxidant, and antipsychotic agents.

The efficiency of CBD in humans and mammals has been observed across the globe. It has encouraged veterinarians and animal lovers to use CBD in animals (including horses) for issues ranging from seizures to separation anxiety to pain.

3 Ways CBD Can Help Your Horse


Horses are very sensitive as compared to other animals. Due to their strenuous routines, they suffer from different kinds of health issues than the average house pet. Here are some of the common and crucial issues that can be treated with the help of CBD:

    1. CBD can be used to manage pain

      Horses fall prey to different kinds of injuries while running in the fields and on track. They face issues like sprains, fractures, wounded hooves, and more. Some even suffer from conditions like laminitis from carrying their riders.

      Research conducted by the Colorado State University concluded when equines and canines were ingested with oral CBD, there was a significant decline in pain in the body. CBD reduces nerve-related pain by curbing the pain signals released by the injured cells and also reducing the swelling in the area.

      Veterinarians have also used CBD topically to help reduce pain, tension, and inflammation in the horse’s muscles and joints.

    2. CBD helps in reducing inflammation

      CBD is well-known for having anti-inflammatory abilities. It reduces inflammation by decreasing the inflammatory cytokines that cause autoimmunity, hypersensitivity, and allergies. Because inflammation is a major cause of pain and delayed healing, this also helps to better address sore muscles, chronic stress, and injuries for the horse.

    3. Reduces anxiety and stress

      Horses can also become stressed when kept in enclosed trailers away from their owner. Normally, horses show a sudden change in mood when they are stressed or anxious. Common symptoms of mood swings include lack of appetite, aggression, and sluggishness.

      CBD supplements and topicals have been shown to help reduce stress in both animals and humans.

Ready to Try CBD for Your Horse - Yourself?


CBD comes in different forms such as tablets, oils, and lotions. If you are considering using CBD with your horse, contact your veterinarian to discuss the best options for your horse’s unique needs.

As riders, we also face issues with pain, tension, injury, and stress. Thankfully, topical CBD products like Unstoppable are easy to use, safe to try, natural, and effective. Learn more about our high-quality CBD here.

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