Daily Rituals to Eliminate Winter Joint Pain

Daily Rituals to Eliminate Winter Joint Pain

Have you noticed that your aches and pains seem worse in the winter months? If so, it’s not all in your head. Read on to learn some simple daily habits that will fight joint pain all winter long!

Why is My Joint Pain Worse in Winter?

Winter is a tough season for many athletes and active individuals, and it’s common to experience new or worsening pain in winter.

Colder temperatures can increase certain kinds of pain (especially joint pain) and the cold, dry, or wet weather can be harsh on your lungs. If you find yourself less active in the winter, this could also increase pain as blood circulation reduces. Weight gain and heavier diets in winter are also known culprits in aggravated joint pain, causing increased pressure and added inflammation. 

These conditions can lead to increased pain in winter and difficulty getting “back in the saddle” come spring. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Simple daily pain-relief rituals can keep your joints strong and flexible through every season.

Beat Winter Joint Pain with these Daily Rituals

If your joints ache worse in winter, it’s a good sign that they need some extra warming care. The good news is that keeping your joints healthy through winter is not difficult, it just requires some dedication to self-care. Like all good things, these rituals work best with consistency. For the best pain-relief results, practice these activities daily or several times per week. 

  1. Move in the morning

    After a night of rest, it’s natural for our bones, joints, and fascia to feel achy or stagnant. But the trouble starts when we let them stay that way. Adhesions and postural issues can quickly develop if we fail to give our bodies a good stretch each day. To stay loose, limber, and pain-free, warm up each morning with a simple morning stretch routine.

  2. Loosen up with Epsom salt baths

    Epsom salt baths are a great way to improve blood circulation through the joints, warm muscle tissue, and ease soreness and pain. Consider adding pain-relieving essential oils to your salts (like lavender or frankincense) for added relaxation.

  3. Use light therapy

    If you think “happy lights” are just to boost your mood in winter, think again. Daylight lamps, wake-up lights, and other light therapy devices can even help with pain. Why? In winter, the change in light, temperature, and daily lifestyle can be a difficult adjustment for your body. One of the most common things to suffer is your sleep routine, and poor sleep is a major trigger for pain. To conquer pain by perfecting your sleep, try using light therapy in the mornings, blocking blue light at night, and spending time in the winter sun whenever possible.

  4. Use a CBD gel daily

    CBD offers natural and effective topical pain relief for muscle soreness and aching joints. CBD helps to reduce inflammation, encourage healthy blood flow through the joints, and relax the tissues surrounding the joints. In winter, a warming massage with Unstoppable CBD gel on your most tender joints can go a long way to fight or prevent pain.

Winter Joint Pain Relief with Unstoppable CBD

A major part of pain management is actually prevention. With a few simple routines and habits, you can reduce or even eliminate winter pain conditions and continue enjoying your active life.

At Unstoppable, we created our CBD Sports Recovery Gel to help anyone who wants to live a more active life stay pain-free, no matter the season. Buy Unstoppable today to conquer winter joint pain!

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