Equestrian Injury Tips: How to Recover from a Fall

Equestrian Injury Tips: How to Recover from a Fall

Every equestrian who spends enough time with horses will suffer a fall at some point. The best thing you can do is be prepared - stay in good shape, always wear a helmet, and have a recovery process in place.

When you do have a fall, recovery is key. How you approach your recovery can make a huge difference in how well your body heals, your confidence level as a rider, and how quickly you can make it back on your horse.

Let’s learn a few tips that will help you recover fast and fully from a fall.

How to Recover from a Fall from a Horse

  1. Practice unmounted exercises to restore any loss of function or mobility.

    Before you hop back on your horse, rebuild your strength and fitness with off-horse exercises. Focus on unmounted exercises that restore function, stability, and mobility to any areas you injured.

  2. Combine natural healing solutions with your traditional care.

    If you suffered injuries that required medical care, consider incorporating natural, holistic therapies into your recovery process. Care from acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and others can help you recover faster and stronger.

  3. Ease back in gradually.

    Once you’re feeling better, it’s natural to want to get right back into riding at the same level you were before your fall. Depending on the severity of your fall and your injuries, however, you’re better off to start easing back in gradually.
    No matter how gentle or intense your fall was, you experienced a startling trauma to the body. By easing back into riding at slower paces and for less training time, you’ll help your body re-acclimate to the sport and restore your confidence and control.

  4. Boost confidence with positive affirmations.

    Don’t overlook your mental health when recovering from a fall. Regaining your confidence and relieving stress or anxiety is a necessary part of the process. An easy way to do this is with positive affirmations that remind you how capable a rider you are. If you are feeling anxious about riding again, remember the joy that riding once gave you. Focus on the experience and heightened perception you gained from your fall.

  5. Make CBD gel a daily recovery ritual.

    CBD gel is a simple way to speed up your body’s healing processes after a fall or any other injury. During the recovery period, CBD also helps to minimize any lingering inflammation and soothe residual tension. Continue using your Unstoppable Sports Recovery gel once you’re back to riding regularly to help prevent muscle pain and future injuries. 

Recover Well, Ride Well

Want to get back on the horse after a fall? The secret to a fast recovery is a smart recovery. Restore your strength and confidence with holistic tips like these that ease you back into riding safely.

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