Helichrysum Flower Oil

Helichrysum Flower Oil

What is Helichrysum Flower Oil?

Helichrysum is an ancient plant from southern Europe whose name in Latin translates as “immortal” or “everlasting.” The oil from this plant has been used medicinally for centuries in southern Europe and is famous for its spicy scent which makes it a popular ingredient in perfumes and self-care products.

Benefits of Helichrysum Flower Oil

  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory.
    When applied topically, helichrysum flower oil has been shown to reduce swelling and act as an anti-inflammatory agent. This is likely due to its high levels of inflammation-reducing flavonoids, acetophenones, and phloroglucinols. These anti-inflammatory effects make it a useful oil for treating pain, respiratory, and skin conditions.

  • Stimulates skin regeneration.
    Helichrysum Flower oil is widely used in cosmetic products as it has been proven to stimulate the regeneration of damaged skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Reduces burnout and exhaustion.
    2013 study showed that helichrysum flower oil, combined with other essential oils such as peppermint and basil, can lead to a reduction in fatigue and mental burnout.

What is Helichrysum Flower Oil Used For?

Helichrysum Flower oil is a popular component in a number of cosmetic anti-aging products, as well as a key ingredient in perfumes and fragrances with exotic, spicy notes. 

Medically, its uses range from skin repair to pain relief. You can also find it in our Unstoppable Sports Recovery Gel where it helps combat post-workout inflammation and soreness.

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