How to Boost Your Athletic Performance Over 50

How to Boost Your Athletic Performance Over 50

Over 50 no longer means “over the hill.” You can still have an active and thriving decade if you take a few precautions to boost your athletic performance. Read on to predict and prevent some of the most common athletic issues people face in their 50s and beyond. 

Why is Staying Fit Harder When You’re Over 50?

  • Muscles and joint tissues tighten. Feeling more stiff and tense than usual? It’s not all in your head. As you age past 50, the collagen in the tendons connecting your muscles to your bones starts to decline. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments also tighten and shorten, which leads to reduced elasticity and blood flow. 

  • Hormones change. Hormones fluctuate after age 50 for both men and women. These shifts can lead to reduced muscle mass and bone density, which negatively affect your fitness and overall athletic performance. The impact is often more noticeable for women, as the sharp drop in estrogen can lead to bone fractures, weight gain, and fatigue.
  • Metabolism and recovery slow. While you may be just as active as you were ten years ago (or even more so), your body doesn’t burn fat as efficiently. Your metabolism slows and you may even put on weight without realizing it. It’s also normal to feel less energized and need more recovery time.  

3 Ways to Boost Your Athletic Performance in Your 50s and Beyond

Staying fit may not be as easy as it was in your 20s, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an active, athletic life past 50. In fact, with these tips, you might just have your most athletic decade yet. 

1. Maintain your flexibility with morning, pre-workout, and post-workout stretching.

Stretching isn’t just a great way to improve your flexibility and balance. It’s essential after 50. Start each day with a 10-15 minute stretching session. This increases blood flow, lubricates your joints, and improves your focus. Then, before and after each workout, be sure to stretch thoroughly and apply Unstoppable Sports Recovery Gel to prevent pain and inflammation. For even better muscle and joint benefits, add a flexibility practice like yoga or tai chi into your weekly routine.

2. Practice weight-bearing and resistance exercises regularly. 

Weight-bearing exercises are one of the best ways to prevent premature bone loss, muscle fiber loss, and joint issues. They can also help prevent issues like poor posture or pain. If you aren’t used to doing resistance training, start with something simple, like resistance bands or small hand weights. It’s normal for your muscles to feel sore after weight training, but you can soothe the muscles and speed up the healing process with CBD.

3. Recover strategically.

You may think that exercising more is the key to staying fit and trim after 50. However, too much exercise can actually set you back. Without adequate rest, your muscles aren’t able to fully recover and strengthen. This puts you at higher risk of pain, inflammation, and injuries – all of which can sabotage your active lifestyle and make matters worse. Not to mention, over-training is also associated with other issues like high blood pressure, reduced immunity, and sleep issues.

The solution: Take it easy! Leave time to recover in between your workouts. If your muscles are stiff or strained, use CBD gel to help them recover quickly. Take a walk instead of a run. Stretch instead of doing a full HIIT workout. Enjoy a rest day every so often so you can make the most of your training days.

Be Unstoppable at Any Age

If you’re over the age of 50 (or quickly approaching), it’s time to think about your workouts differently. It’s not just about reaching your performance goals. What’s more important is setting your body up for a healthy, active life for many years to come.

We’re here to help. With our Sports Recovery CBD Gel, you can protect your muscles and joints while you focus on your flexibility, balance, and strength.

Shop now to enjoy a healthy active future with Unstoppable CBD Sports Recovery Gel. 

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