The Best Cross-Training Exercises for Equestrians

The Best Cross-Training Exercises for Equestrians

Horseback riding is a great way to stay active no matter your age. But if you’re only riding, it’s possible that you’re overusing some areas of your body and under-using others. Over time, this can make you more susceptible to injury, weakness, and poor performance.

So, what’s the solution? It's easy - cross-training! Cross-training involves doing different types of exercises to help balance and perfect your performance in another sport or activity.

There are a few types of exercises that tend to pair well with horseback riding. Let’s check out the 5 best cross-training exercises for equestrians!

5 Best Cross-Training Exercises For Equestrians

    1. Cardio

      Cardio is a crucial aspect of any cross-training regimen and the best way to strengthen the heart muscles to stay fit. To supplement your routine, try running, swimming, or dance to get your heart rate up and work those muscles that get neglected while on the horse.

    2. Rock Climbing

      How could rock climbing possibly help with horseback riding? There is a very important connection between the two; both sports demand the use of core muscle strength. In horseback riding, you need a strong core to balance yourself on the saddle, whereas in rock climbing the muscle strength helps in scaling the hill or mountain.
      Rock Climbing
      Horseback riders also often have weaker forearm, upper back, and foot muscles - all areas where rock climbing shines. The various movements in rock climbing can help you develop the required muscle strength and improve your horse riding skills.

    3. Tai Chi

      The ancient Chinese martial art of tai chi is a secret weapon for horse riders who want to boost their performance, stamina, and confidence. This practice channels and strengthens your inner energy with slow, fluid movements and deep breathing. Tai Chi is also known to have a massive impact on a person’s physical and mental state.

      There is even a form of Tai Chi specifically designed for equestrians. Equestrian Tai Chi gives you an additional edge by harmonizing your body’s energy with that of your horse. Now that’s cross-training!

    4. Strength Training

      The importance of strength training increases as we get older, especially for active equestrians. To stay healthy as you age, include strength training in your workout regime to prevent bone loss, fractures, and muscle atrophy. You could try lifting weights, but why not practice your strength training in the barn? Do a little extra cleaning and practice lifting saddles, moving grain bags, and cleaning hooves.

    5. CrossFit

      CrossFit is a popular exercise style which is based on functional fitness exercises that are designed to help you in your daily life. A variation of CrossFit exercises can help you while grooming the horses, carrying water buckets and hay bales, and tacking. For example, exercises like deadlifts can help you in picking up the heavy grain bags while the clean and jerk movements can help you with the saddle.

Cross-Training and CBD for Equestrian Health

Cross-training is essential for any active equestrian to keep a healthy balance and prevent injuries. There are many different ways to effectively cross-train for equestrians, and choosing the best routine for you will depend on your body’s unique needs.

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