The Top Nutrients Your Body Needs for Muscle Recovery

The Top Nutrients Your Body Needs for Muscle Recovery

Muscle recovery is a vital part of any successful athlete's regimen. It takes time and patience to build up the strength and endurance needed for high-level performance, so it's important to do everything you can to make sure that your body has what it needs in order to stay healthy, recover from workouts, and avoid injury.

Unfortunately, post-workout muscle soreness can put a damper on your active lifestyle. With the right post-workout nutrients, however, you can speed up healthy muscle recovery and get back on the field, mat, or track fast. 

Read on to learn about 4 top nutrients that help your muscles heal fast!

4 Nutrients Needed for Muscle Recovery

  1. B Vitamin

    B-complex vitamins are fuel for our bodies. They give us the energy to repair, heal, and stay active without that lingering muscle soreness. Studies show that B vitamins help heal the muscle microtears that cause soreness after exercise. They also encourage the protein metabolism processes that produce new muscle cells and stimulate muscle growth. Get your B’s from a slightly under-ripe banana.

  2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    Omega-3s are one of the best post-workout recovery nutrients. They slow the body's inflammatory responses to allow for faster and better muscle repair. Omega 3s found in food sources like chia seeds, or supplements, also help build new muscles and improve endurance levels while burning fat!

  3. Zinc

    Zinc is a trace mineral that our bodies need for a wide range of functions, including immunity and wound healing. It helps to speed up the recovery of sore muscles and keep our energy levels high. Snack on trail mix with zinc-rich pumpkin seeds after an intense workout to prevent soreness.

  4. CoQ10

    CoQ10 is not a vitamin or mineral, but a specific antioxidant compound. It is best known for its anti-aging effects and ability to improve joint and muscle health. As an antioxidant, CoQ10 fights free radicals to reduce damage and inflammation on healthy tissues. After a workout, CoQ10 will help to relieve excess inflammation in the muscles and stimulate quick recovery. Some studies even show that CoQ10 can boost your athletic performance and endurance! After your workout, fuel up on a protein-dense and CoQ10 rich salmon filet.

Be Your Best with Healthy Nutrition and Sports Recovery CBD

Being the best athlete you can be isn’t all about the hard work you put into training, practice, and competitions. It’s also about what you do to care for your body after you put in the work. 

Fueling with the right nutrients to promote healthy muscle recovery is just one way to stay on top of your health and be your best. To recover like a pro, pair a strategic post-workout snack with Unstoppable’s CBD Sports Recovery Gel. Apply to sore muscles and feel your soreness disappear. 

Ready to experience healthier muscles and better performance? Become Unstoppable today! 

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