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  • "The ingredients sold me but I was pleasantly surprised by how good it tastes!"

    - Foster Daly
    Weight Trainer

  • "I have been getting such deep and restful sleep with the PM Formula.

    - Lauren Ritchie
    Yoga Teacher

  • "The Roll-On is the perfect way to unwind after a long day on my feet. Huge Fan!"

    - Linda Reyes
    Social Worker

  • "These formulas help me recover from my softball games and sleep deeply."

    - Michael Williams

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In Plants We Trust.

We believe in a world that utilizes the power in plants for sustained health and wellness.

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Reliable Relief.

We support a future where relief is so accessible and convenient that people approach their health from new angles – they’re proactive, consistent, and focused on finding natural remedies.

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Let the Good Times Roll.

Ultimately, our solutions were made to allow you to show up as your best self day after day. We want you to live your longest, most thriving life.

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The Healthy Alternative.

  • Functional Ingredients

    Our plant-based ingredients work together to make this formula potent.

  • Mission-Driven

    Our company was founded after a dear friend’s heroic health journey.

  • Performance-Focused

    It's not about winning the race – it's about crossing the finish line.

  • Made in USA

    We won’t settle for less than the best! Always high quality & 3rd Party Tested!