4 CBD Myths and the Truth Behind Them

4 CBD Myths and the Truth Behind Them

With over one-third of Americans giving cannabidiol a try, it’s no wonder that CBD is dominating the natural health supplement market today. 

But, with its popularity also comes some inaccuracies. In this blog, we’re tackling four common CBD myths and revealing the truth behind them. 

The Truth Behind 4 Common CBD Myths

MYTH: CBD isn’t scientifically proven.

TRUTH: CBD has proven benefits for seizures, chronic pain, inflammation, nausea, and anxiety disorders.

The claims that CBD compounds improve various health conditions have been proven under rigorous research studies. In fact, medications that use CBD to treat seizures (one of the most common medical uses of CBD) have been approved by the FDA in response to these studies.

Along with reducing the frequency and intensity of seizures, various research studies show that CBD is effective for managing:

But, it’s also true that while we are learning more about CBD, we don’t know everything yet. Still, more research is needed to fully understand how we can use this natural compound to improve our health and enhance our lives.

MYTH: CBD is just a marketing scam.

TRUTH: CBD is a legitimate product with health benefits when used correctly.

Any wellness trend that becomes popular starts to feel like a “scam” when people use it excessively or improperly. The truth is, the hype about CBD is so strong because it has a track record of giving people significant results. Not to mention, the positive benefits of cannabis have been used for over 5000 years – long before marketing was a thing! That said, you must be wary of any marketing claim in the wellness world. Do your research and check your CBD supplier’s third-party testing verifications (you can find Unstoppable’s CBD certificate of analysis here).

MYTH: CBD doesn’t work.

TRUTH: Like all natural health products, it takes time and consistency to notice the full benefit of CBD.

For some people, using CBD is like turning on a light switch. They notice instant benefits and can’t imagine going back to life before CBD. But for most people, the benefits are only in full swing after regular and consistent use.

Like exercise, a new diet, or even vitamins, taking CBD for a few days isn’t usually enough to notice the significant benefits. It needs time and regularity to build up in your system to make its full impact. 

If you’ve tried CBD (either oral or topical products) for less than a month and didn’t notice an improvement in your symptoms, it’s probably not that the CBD didn’t work. It’s more likely that you didn’t allow your body enough time to adjust. Thankfully, CBD is a natural compound with no side effects, so you are safe to try again!

MYTH: All CBD is the same.

TRUTH: Each CBD product has different properties, strength, and quality.

Not all CBD products are created equal. They vary in strength and potency, benefits, dosage, and a range of other factors. Read the labels carefully to understand why and when to take a certain CBD supplement or use a certain CBD topical.

Unfortunately, quality varies widely, too. Testing done by the FDA shows that the CBD content in some products didn’t match the claims on the label – and some didn’t even contain CBD at all. That’s why it is essential to choose a brand that backs up its claims with third-party verification and CBD content analysis.

Unstoppable Health and Wellness is proud to offer high-quality CBD tinctures and topical CBD gel. Check our third-party verification to learn more about the benefits in the bottle.

Myths Busted: How to Try CBD Today

Now that we’ve set the record straight about the reality of CBD products, it’s your turn. The only way to truly determine if CBD can help you ease stress, melt pain, and improve your performance is to try it for yourself.

Our CBD tinctures are perfect for optimizing your mental and physical health both day and night, while our Sports Recovery Gel is designed to help you stay active and pain-free. Shop now!

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