6 Athletic Goals to Have Your Healthiest Year Yet

6 Athletic Goals to Have Your Healthiest Year Yet

Will this be the year you finally master that move? Mark a new personal best? Crush the competition? 

Reaching new athletic milestones starts with healthy goals. Here are 6 goals to implement this year to help you become the best athlete you can be.

6 Athletic Goals to Have Your Healthiest Year Yet

1.   Start a nutrition plan that supports your athletic goals. 

Diet is key when it comes to athletic performance. But, not every athlete needs the same type of diet. This year, take some time to consider your body’s nutritional needs based on your activity level and sport to fuel with supportive foods. Or, speak to a sports nutritionist for a complete evaluation and plan.

💪🏽Unstoppable Tip: Make a clean sweep of your kitchen cabinets to clear out left-over holiday sweets and junk food, then replace them with healthier snacks to help you stay on track.

2.    Prioritize sleep: get your 7-9 hours per night. 

Quality sleep is essential for any athlete. Only during deep rest is your body able to mentally and physically repair so you can wake up stronger the next day. If you’re actively training and not sleeping optimally, you could be missing out on achieving new milestones and may even be putting your body at risk of injury.

💪🏽Unstoppable Tip: Enhance the reparative quality of your sleep with our nighttime CBD tincture, PM Formula: Rest + Recovery (1000mg CBD).

3.   Create a morning ritual you love.

The most successful people in the world make good use of their mornings. If you don’t have a morning routine that pumps you up for the day, now is the time to start. Upon waking, be sure to drink a glass of water to re-hydrate after hours of rest, stretch to reduce adhesion in the muscle tissues, and meditate to prime your brain for a positive day.

💪🏽Unstoppable Tip: A dose of AM Formula: Focus + Endurance (1000mg CBD) helps you start the day right with improved mental clarity and energy.

4.   Incorporate flexibility and stability training into your workouts.

Many people focus on building strength, power, or speed during their training. While these are important of course, flexibility and stability training can give you that extra edge to perform better, avoid injury, and achieve balance.

💪🏽Unstoppable Tip: Start every workout with a solid stretch, and add yoga to your workout schedule at least 2-3 times per week.

5.   Try a new sport (at least once). 

Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian, a performance disc golfer, a tennis pro, a CrossFit enthusiast, or any other kind of athlete, there are some sports or activities you’ve never tried. Make this the year to put something new under your belt! Trying new sports gives you the chance to make new neural connections and activate your muscles in a new way. It also helps you step into the shoes of a beginner again and get back to fundamentals, which can improve your performance in your chosen sport.

💪🏽Unstoppable Tip: Ask a friend to try out a new group class or check this list for a new sport to try in 2022.

6.   Prevent pain before it starts. 

Getting into a habit of using natural pain prevention products before and after a workout is essential for a healthy, active year. Using preventative products like Unstoppable Sports Recovery Gel not only keeps pain at bay so you can train harder, but it also supports the health of your muscles, tendons, and joints to avoid injuries and improve your longevity.

💪🏽Unstoppable Tip: Apply Sports Recovery Gel to key joints for your sport 10 minutes before your workout to improve circulation and reduce pain and inflammation.

Every new year offers the chance for a fresh start, new goals, and a healthier life. But so does each day. If you’re late on starting your athletic goals for the new year, there’s no better time to set your intentions than now.

Unstoppable is here to help. Shop our selection of athletic CBD tinctures and gel and start reaching your goals today.

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