6 Things Every Pickleball Pro Needs in their Game Bag

6 Things Every Pickleball Pro Needs in their Game Bag

 If you want to be a pro pickler, you won’t show up to the pickleball court empty-handed. Every great pickleball player knows they need a few essential items to help them play – and recover – at their best. Here are six things you should pack in your pickleball game bag to help you play like a pro.

6 Things to Keep in Your Game Bag to Play Like a Pro Pickler

  1. Water bottle and Cool Down Towels
    Running back and forth on the court is a great way to get your cardio in. But pros know that this also means lots (and lots) of sweating. If you’re hitting the court in the summer months, be sure to pack plenty of water to rehydrate and a sports towel or two. This cooling sports towel is made with jadestone; just add water, squeeze, and experience the ultra cooling effect.
  2. Tourna Hipster Ball Band for Holding Tennis Balls and Pickleballs
    “No pockets, no problem.” That’s the promise of the Tourna Hipster Ball Band. This waistband effortlessly holds extra pickleballs so you can keep the flow of your game going without having to constantly retrieve balls. It’s stretchy and lightweight and folds down small so it won’t take up too much space in your bag.

  3. Unstoppable AM Formula: Focus + Endurance (1000mg CBD)
    CBD tinctures are gaining popularity among amateur and pro athletes alike. Why? When taken orally, CBD helps relieve stress and performance anxiety, while also focusing your mind on the task at hand. And in a game like Pickleball where strategy is key, pickler pros need all the focus they can get!

    Unstoppable AM Formula promotes focus and clarity, enhances your endurance power, and fights fatigue. Keep this in your game bag and take it before your match for a natural boost in energy and performance.

  4. Pickleball Paddle Cover
    Pros aren’t just picky about the quality of their gear – they’re also smart about protecting it. Let’s face it, pickleball paddles can be expensive. Help keep it from getting cracked, bruised, and discolored in your bag with a paddle protector. Protectors like this one keep a secure fit around the paddle while offering plenty of cushioning to protect it during transport. 

  5. Unstoppable Sports Recovery Gel
    Every pro athlete knows that the key to better performance is better pre-game prep and post-game recovery. With CBD gel, you’ll be able to avoid issues like inflammation, pain, and soreness that limit your mobility and power. Keep this handy Sports Recovery Gel in your game bag and apply both before and after your game. Your muscles and joints will thank you – and your performance will be better than ever. Want to try before you buy? Get a free sample here!

  6. Unstoppable PM Formula: Rest + Recovery (1000mg CBD)
    Our PM formula was designed to encourage a relaxed state of mind and body. After your game, take a dose of this tincture to decompress and unwind. Or, take this tincture at night to allow for optimal rest and recovery so you can perform at your best for the next game.  

Play Like a Pro with Unstoppable

If you love pickleball, you know that improving your game requires dedication and the right tools. That’s why Unstoppable offers natural and effective solutions to help your mind and body perform at their best. Pack these favorite pickleball essentials for your next game and feel the difference! 

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