Can CBD Improve your disk golf performance

Can CBD Improve Your Disc Golf Performance?

If you’re a serious disc golf or ultimate frisbee athlete, you’re always on the lookout for ways to maximize your skills and bring your best to the field.

Aside from focused training, a dedicated recovery program is essential for any disc golf athlete who wants to improve their performance while preventing injuries that keep you out of the game.

Unstoppable can help you do just that. Our Sports Recovery Gel uses high-performance CBD to help you train and compete at your best. Read on to find out how adding CBD to your recovery routine can make you a healthier, better disc golfer.

How to Improve Your Disc Golf Performance with CBD

    • Manage and Heal Injuries Faster

      A recent survey of disc golfers found that eight in ten athletes had an injury from playing disc golf. This is a surprising majority - and a higher rate of injury than many other sports.
      sing topical CBD regularly can help you manage and heal your injuries faster, so you can hit the field with peak performance. In most cases, CBD reduces the inflammation at the site of slow-to-heal injuries, which allows the tissue to heal fully.

    • Eliminate Inflammation

      Inflammation is a significant cause of pain, stiffness, and prolonged injuries. Aside from reducing your physical abilities, inflammation also leads to an increased risk of injury and other health issues.

      CBD has been proven to reduce inflammation naturally. Apply Unstoppable’s Sports Recovery gel to sore muscles and joints. Or, use it preventatively on areas that easily become inflamed during disc golf (like the shoulder, elbow, and wrist).
    • Improve Shoulder and Elbow Mobility

      Strong, flexible, and controlled arm movements are essential in disc golf. Unfortunately, stiffness and reduced mobility are common issues disc golfers face.

      Daily shoulder and elbow massage with a CBD gel enhances the health of the joints and increases their range of motion. Use CBD gel before and after disc golf practice or tournaments to maintain healthy mobility.
    • Reduce Limiting Pain

      No athlete wants to be limited by their pain. But for disc golfers, painful joints or muscles don’t just steal the fun out of your sport - they could reduce your accuracy and speed of your throwing arm. If you suffer from tightness or soreness after playing disc golf, recover fast with a CBD Sports Recovery Gel.
    • Stay Sharp

      Mental processing and clarity is a crucial skill for any disc golfer. But under a cloud of stress and performance anxiety, clarity flies out the window. Both oral CBD oils and topical CBD gels can help you become more resilient to stress, focus your mind, and play more efficiently and strategically.

Excel in Disc Golf with CBD Power

If you want to be the best disc golf athlete possible, you’ll need to give your body a little extra TLC. By reducing injury time, eliminating pain, and focusing your mind and body with CBD, you’ll be able to play and train at your best each day.

We created Unstoppable’s Sports Recovery Gel to give athletes like you the natural edge you need to play your best and stay healthy.

Boost your disc golf performance naturally with Unstoppable. Get yours today!

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