Can Riders Prevent Low Back Pain?

Can Riders Prevent Low Back Pain?

Horseback riding is where you feel most powerful. It’s how you keep striving to be the best. It’s how you blow off steam. It’s how you connect to yourself and nature. It’s your escape.

But what happens when riding makes your back light up in excruciating pain? Or when a ride leaves your back so stiff that you can’t bear to get back on a horse for days?

Lower back pain is one of the most common issues equestrians face and keeps countless riders from living their dream to ride every day. But low back pain doesn't have to stop you.

With the right strategy, issues like low back pain in equestrians can be prevented. Let’s learn a few tips to keep your back feeling strong and flexible both on and off the horse.

Why Do Equestrians Get Low Back Pain?

Horseback riding is no walk in the park. Whether you enjoy a leisurely countryside ride, are practicing jumping, or are in the throes of a race, your body is under pressure. Even activities off the saddle, like cleaning the stalls or grooming, can put you at risk of low back injury.

Herniated discs and SI joint dysfunction are some of the most common back injuries that riders face, due to the intense strain and jostling motions to the spinal column. Even without an impact or injury, pressure on the joints and vertebrae of the low back cause increased inflammation and therefore pain, soreness, and loss of mobility.

Thankfully, we can work to prevent these issues. Here’s how.

How to Prevent Low Back Pain During and After Your Rides

  • Strengthen your core.

    To strengthen your back, you should focus on building back muscles, right? Actually, the best way to prevent low back pain is to strengthen your core with targeted core exercises or pilates. The core muscles help to stabilize and balance the back and can prevent pain and injuries.

  • Wear an SI joint belt.

    An SI joint belt or brace can be used to compress your joints which helps to reduce any excess movement during your ride and keep your back strong and resilient.

  • Prevent inflammation and pain with CBD.

    Topical CBD is a game-changer for competitive equestrians and casual riders, alike. Usually, CBD products are used after an injury has occurred, or to relieve those frustrating side effects of riding like a stiff lower back, aching muscles, or reduced range of movement. Don’t wait for back pain to stop you - be unstoppable from the start.

    Unstoppable Sports Recovery Gel before your ride to keep pain and inflammation at bay. After your ride, reapply and do a few simple post-ride stretches.

Prevent Pain, Be Unstoppable

You’re a serious rider with a serious passion. Don’t let low back pain stop you from riding your best or being your best.

Get your Unstoppable Sports Recovery Gel today to help you ride pain-free tomorrow.

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