Can You Use CBD for Post-Operative Pain?

Can You Use CBD for Post-Operative Pain?

Are you or a loved one preparing for an upcoming surgery and looking for a natural remedy to prevent the dreaded post-op pain? CBD can help! From reducing inflammation to calming tension, CBD can help you speed up the healing process and get back to your healthy self as soon as possible.

Let’s take a look at how a natural remedy could help you recover in comfort.

What is Post-Operative Pain?

While your operation is designed to help your body heal, the process itself is traumatic on your body’s tissues and nervous system. Due to the “helpful” trauma, many people experience post-operative symptoms like pain following a surgical procedure. This is the result of tissue damage from the incision, closing the wound, or from the procedure itself. This type of pain gradually diminishes with the healing process and usually goes away once the healing is complete. 

But until that time, you could be stuck with throbbing pain that steals your focus and makes your recovery process unbearable. Bring on the CBD!

3 Ways CBD Helps You Recover After Surgery

Post-operative pain is typically considered superficial somatic pain, meaning it is caused by an injury (or incision) and is close to the surface. Because of this, topical treatments such as CBD can be very beneficial. Here are three reasons why CBD helps you recover after surgery:

1.  CBD eases pain.  

An increasing amount of evidence shows that CBD reduces the amount of pain we experience by inhibiting the pain sensations from the central nervous system. CBD’s ability to keep pain under control naturally and effectively makes it a great option for almost any type of post-operative pain.

2.  CBD reduces inflammation. 

Inflammation is part of the healing process as it’s a signal to the body to heal and repair the damaged tissue. However, excessive inflammation can actually hinder the healing process, which is why we want to keep it to a minimum.

Studies show that CBD reduces inflammation when applied topically to the inflamed area, and with no evident side effects. Keeping the swelling and pain under control can allow for a quicker recovery time. Avoid applying CBD to open wounds or stitched areas.

3.  CBD calms stress and tension.

Undergoing any type of surgery is not only traumatic to the body, but it can also leave you feeling stressed and anxious. It’s normal to worry about anesthesia, your procedure, the healing process, and other aspects of your operation and recovery.

Thankfully, CBD has a calming effect on the nervous system, which helps relieve this pre and post-op stress and tension. Your body can heal faster and more thoroughly by easing this physical and mental tension naturally. 

Don’t Let Post-Op Pain Stop You

Surgical procedures require some down-time to ensure your body heals properly. But how long and how comfortable that downtime will be is up to you! 

With a topical CBD recovery gel, you can reduce your recovery time by decreasing inflammation and pain. Then, keep your mind at ease while your body heals with Unstoppable’s PM Formula: Rest+Recovery Full Spectrum CBD Tincture. 

Eliminate stress, minimize your pain, and get back to enjoying life post-surgery with CBD!

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