Get On Your Feet: 5 Tips to Relieve Foot Pain

Get On Your Feet: 5 Tips to Relieve Foot Pain

Nothing slows an athlete down quite like sore feet. That dull ache in your soles or ankles after a workout may seem like nothing at first. But repetitive strain and a lack of proper foot care can lead to increased time on the bench and serious health risks. 

Just because you’re an athlete doesn’t mean you have to suffer from foot pain. Here you’ll learn five simple tips to both relieve foot pain and prevent it so you don't have to worry about this problem in the future!

Tips to Relieve Foot Pain

The best way to relieve this pain is by taking good care of your feet. That starts with pre-and post-workout self-care as well as daily habits that support your body’s most important foundation. 

    1. Get fitted with the right shoes.

      It’s simple. Training with the wrong shoes causes problems. You can injure your foot, add tension to your lower leg, and limit your performance just by wearing the wrong size or shaped shoe.

      Your shoes should have a low heel, provide plenty of room for the toes to move around freely, and have a wide toe box with extra space in the front so that there's no pressure on the ball of your foot. The best way to ensure you’re arming your feet with the best is to get fitted by a professional. They will help you slip into the correct shoe for your foot shape, arch, and sport.

    2. Stretch your foot muscles.

      Do you include foot stretches in your warm-up routine? If not, those 29 foot muscles could be at risk of tension, pain, and injury. Protect your feet with warm-up and post-workout stretches. You’ll not only prevent pain, but you’ll perform better, too.

      If you’re already experiencing foot pain, start with gentle stretches. Exercises like these can help you slowly ease tension and relax your foot muscles.

    3. Take an Epsom salt foot bath.

      A warm foot bath is a great way to soothe your sore muscles and reduce swelling in those aching feet. Add one cup of Epsom salts to the warm water and soak your feet for 20-30 minutes. You can also add essential oils like peppermint, frankincense, or lavender for added relaxation and mild pain relief.

    4. Use a topical CBD gel for foot pain daily.

      Foot pain is often caused by sore muscles and inflammation of the feet. CBD gel can help to relieve foot pain by relaxing those tense muscles and cooling inflammation.

      o relieve and prevent foot pain, apply Unstoppable Sports Recovery Gel to your feet before and after your workout. Reapply as needed, or at specific times during the day to keep pain levels low (such as before bedtime).

    5. Get a foot massage.

      Let’s face it - despite our best efforts to care for our feet, they take a beating. Give them the R & R they deserve! Regular foot massages help to the muscles and tendons of the feet supple and strong while healing any minor muscle tears or trigger points. If you can’t get to the massage therapist a few times a month, give yourself a foot massage at home. Afterward, apply Unstoppable Sports Recovery Gel to enhance the healing benefits and speed up your recovery time. 

Fight Foot Pain with CBD

Whether you're an athlete or just an active individual, foot pain can be a major setback. But with an all-natural pain-relieving CBD gel, you can be unstoppable. Fight foot pain the natural way today with Unstoppable CBD Sports Recovery Gel. Get yours now! 

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