Healthy Pre-Competition Habits to Perform Pain-Free

Healthy Pre-Competition Habits to Perform Pain-Free

If you ask any competitive equestrian to share the secret behind their success, you will hear words such as practice, perseverance, and patience. All of those essential things contribute to high-performance competition, but they don’t just apply to the ride itself. Riders who have effective pre-competition habits are better able to stay fit and pain-free so they can continue to reach their riding goals.

Here, we’ve outlined the key aspects of a healthy pre-competition routine to help you ride your best – and feel your best after the race is won.

Simple Pre-Competition Habits for Equestrians

A pre-competition routine consists of a set of actions that help riders get ready for their race, both physically and mentally. Riders should focus their pre-competition routine on improving their nutrition, stamina, performance mentality, and injury prevention to ensure that they are in their best shape to perform. 

Start With a Pain-Free Plate

Food has the power to make or break your competition. Choose anti-inflammatory foods that keep pain and swelling down while providing essential energy and nutrients to perform at your best.

fruits and vegetables

Colorful vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, fresh fruit, and healthy fats are great choices for the days leading up to a competition. Avoid inflammatory foods that may increase pain like refined sugar, spicy food, dairy, alcohol, and trans fats. Try to limit beans and high-fiber veggies during the days before and day of competition to avoid any potential digestive discomfort. Filling up on healthy foods will also help to keep your mind clear and focused on competition day.

Warm-Up the Whole Body

Morning yoga

On competition day, you’ll want your body to be relaxed, strong, and ready for anything. You’ll also want your mind to be clear, focused, and alert. Starting the day with a simple practice like yoga or tai chi can give you both physical and mental focus to carry out a successful performance, while also encouraging healthy blood flow to all your body’s muscles and joints. A well-stretched body, like a well-oiled machine, is less likely to tense up or become injured during an event.

Prevent Pain with CBD

Because CBD can effectively help relieve pain and stress, it is a favorite choice for riders who are working to manage injuries. But CBD can also be used preventatively as part of a holistic pre-competition routine. 
Unstoppable Sports Recovery Gel Bottle

Before a competition, apply Unstoppable CBD cream to any existing problem areas or places to avoid pain creeping in after a competition. For many riders, this includes the wrists, shoulders, knees, and lower back.

 As research continues to show the positive effects and benefits of CBD for athletes, it has become a key player in the pre-competition routine for serious equestrians. If you’re ready to improve your performance and prevent pain on competition day – or any other riding day – it’s time to add CBD to your routine. Find your perfect CBD fit in our Unstoppable collection today!

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