High-Performance Morning Routine for Productivity, Endurance, and Focus

High-Performance Morning Routine for Productivity, Endurance, and Focus

How you spend your mornings can impact your entire day. Let’s make them count! Having a solid morning routine is the best way to improve your performance and focus all day - both mentally and physically. Try these 5 simple steps in our focus-enhancing morning routine to gain the power and clarity to crush your goals!

5 Steps to a Focus-Enhancing Morning Routine

1.   Wake up on your first alarm and stretch.

Start your day right by waking up at your set alarm time. Snoozing may sound good at the moment, but studies show that the more we snooze, the more brain fog and fatigue we experience throughout the day. To help, put your alarm clock or phone on the other side of your bedroom so you are motivated to get right out of bed when the time comes. Once you’re up, hit the yoga mat. It’s time to stretch. Light stretching first thing in the morning quickly relieves any tension stiffness from the past night. It gets your muscles warmed up and your blood flowing - two necessary factors for a focused day.

2.   Hydrate and fuel.

After 10 minutes of light stretching, head to the kitchen to nourish your mind and body. Start with a tall glass of water to re-hydrate - it’s estimated that we lose around 200 milliliters of our water stores overnight. Even better, drink a warm glass of lemon water to help flush your digestive system while you re-hydrate. Eat something that is full of healthy brain food, protein, and energy to get you through your morning workout and the rest of your day. Protein smoothies, eggs, bananas, or almond butter on toast make great choices.

3.   Take Unstoppable CBD AM Focus + Endurance Tincture.

Our AM Formula: Focus + Endurance is designed to help you optimize your energy so you can power through your day with focus and clarity. Along with powerful, high-quality CBD, this tincture also contains the oils of wild orange, peppermint, and eucalyptol to give you an extra edge. Take one dose under the tongue after your morning meal and get ready to take on the day.

4.   Start a focus-based workout.

Not all workouts are created equal. When you want to start your day with focus and clarity, while also reserving energy for later in the day, it’s best to stick with a moderate exercise plan that trains your mind and body.

    • Yoga. Yoga is the ultimate mind-body exercise. Practice yoga on days when you need to be “on-point,” such as before a big meeting, performance, or competition.
    • Running. Running is a common morning exercise, perhaps because it gives us the chance to clear our minds while we work our muscles.
    • Swimming. Swimming is a top choice for athletes who need low-impact workouts to protect their joints. Not to mention, it activates every muscle in the body and improves your lung capacity.
    • HIIT.  HIIT workouts quickly ramp up your heart rate, flex your muscles, and test your balance. Use these when you are low on time, but want to set yourself up for a focused, high-energy day.

5.  Recover with meditation.

To finish your morning routine for focus, take a few minutes to recover with purpose. Stretch and apply Unstoppable CBD gel to any sore or weak areas you noticed during your workout. Then find a comfortable place to slow down, breathe, and meditate.
Meditation and breathing exercises after your workout help you integrate the deeply relaxing and focus-enhancing effects of the rest of your morning routine. Tune into a guided breathing meditation like this one, or simply count your breaths for a few minutes.

Ready to make your mornings count? Start with a morning routine like this, and Unstoppable AM Tincture for Focus + Endurance. Shop now!

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