How to Get the Most Out of Your CBD Gel

How to Get the Most Out of Your CBD Gel

From oral preparations to topical CBD creams and sports gels, cannabis extract is growing as a well-researched natural pain-relief remedy.

With a CBD gel like Unstoppable’s Sports Recovery Gel, you can make major gains in your athletic goals, boost your performance, and stay on-target in your training by staying pain-free.

Using CBD is easy, but the best results come with a little bit of strategy. Let’s find out how you can make the most of your CBD gel.

  • Apply CBD gel to clean, oil-free skin. 

CBD gel contains a high-quality CBD extract that is absorbed into your skin when you apply the gel. Dirt and skin oils can block the skin pores and prevent full absorption of the gel, so make sure your skin is clean before applying to get the maximum benefit.

  • Apply CBD gel directly over the area of pain or weakness.

While this has an all-around positive effect on the body, the areas where you applied the gel are directly targeted and reap the most benefits. So, to make the best use of your CBD gel, be sure to apply the gel directly over the area of pain.

  • Rub CBD gel in thoroughly and let it sit.

We want our CBD gel to have the highest level of impact possible, so it’s important to rub it in thoroughly and let it sit for a few minutes after applying. If you don’t rub it in entirely, or you head off to workout too quickly, the gel (and all that powerful CBD pain-relief) may end up on your clothes or in your sweat instead of on your muscles and joints.

  • Find patience, and reapply CBD gel as needed.

CBD is a natural pain-reliever, which means it works more holistically and gently than pharmaceutical drugs. In the end, this gives you an advantage - you’re not just blocking the pain, you’re actually healing the root issues that cause the pain. But, in the short-term, it’s easy to get discouraged if it takes a little time to feel relief.

The key here is patience, consistency, and reapplication. For some people, it takes a few uses before they feel the effects of CBD. And, since it’s a natural product, you may need to reapply a few times throughout the day to maintain your effects.

Experience the Relief of CBD Gel for Yourself.

If you’ve been struggling with joint pain, muscle aches, post-workout soreness, weakness, or inflammation, CBD gel can help. Unstoppable’s Sports Recovery Gel is formulated for competitive athletes like you, to help you stay in the game, but lose the pain.

Level-up your recovery toolbox today with Unstoppable Sports Recovery Gel and these tips for maximum natural pain-relief.

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