Juniper Berry Oil

Juniper Berry Oil

What is Juniper Berry Oil?

Juniper Berry oil is a purifying essential oil known best for its antiseptic and detoxifying benefits. As the name suggests, it comes from the fruit and needles of the fragrant juniper tree. From an early antiseptic in medieval hospitals to Native American air-purifying incense, juniper berry oil has been used to protect against infections and bacteria across cultures and centuries. Now, research shows that juniper berry oil has natural health benefits for our modern age. 

Benefits of Juniper Berry Oil

  • Reduces harmful inflammation
    2017 study found that Juniper Berry oil is high in monoterpenes, compounds that act as natural anti-inflammatories. The study showed a significant reduction in swelling and inflammation when applied to the skin, over painful or injured areas.

  • Accelerates wound healing
    Because juniper berry has antiseptic properties, it can help speed up wound healing. Studies find that when applied to a sore area or wound with a carrier oil, juniper berry oil promotes faster wound healing and can reduce injury recovery time.

  • Calms the mind
    Juniper berry essential oil is commonly used in aromatherapy for its ability to relax the mind and body. Studies show that those who are exposed to juniper berry oil report less anxiety and insomnia.

What is Juniper Berry Oil Used For?

Juniper Berry oil is widely used in both the cosmetics and healthcare industries. Its cleansing properties make it popular in skincare products, as well as being a popular ingredient in candles and diffusers where it is thought to purify the air.

Juniper berry oil also features in our Unstoppable Sports Recovery Gel. In this CBD gel, juniper berry oil helps reduce post-workout inflammation and stimulate faster tissue healing. 

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