Pickleball and CBD: How CBD Can Change Your Game for Good

Pickleball and CBD: How CBD Can Change Your Game for Good

If you’re like most picklers, you’ve got a competitive edge - even if you don’t care who wins or loses each game, you’re always competing against yourself to be better, faster, and more strategic than last time.

Here’s the good news: you don’t need expensive training or sugary sports drinks to play at a higher level. You can improve your game with a natural, safe, and effective product that not only helps you play better but live healthier, too. You need CBD for pickleball players.

Let’s see how you can use CBD before and after your time on the court to improve your play, fitness, and whole-body health. 

Before the Game: CBD Promotes Better Play 

Using CBD before each game can help you perform at a higher level. What does this mean for picklers before a game? Increased blood flow to your muscles and joints for smoother, pain-free play. When taken internally, CBD can help reduce anxiety, enhance focus, and relieve stress.

So, before you pick up that paddle and hit the court, take a few minutes to apply a high-quality CBD gel. If you struggle with pre-game anxiety or need a boost in focus, take a CBD tincture 30 minutes before your game. 

After the Game: CBD Speeds Recovery 

You’ve had a great game. But now, you’re feeling a little sore and achy. Maybe that knee pain is flaring up, or your back is throbbing. CBD can help. 

CBD is known for its ability to reduce inflammation and soreness while enhancing the muscle recovery process. This makes it the perfect post-game self-care habit for picklers, or any athlete. 

After your game, massage Unstoppable CBD Sports Recovery Gel into any sore or problem areas. If you don’t experience any pain post-play, consider applying it to the most commonly stressed joints in pickleball: the shoulders, elbows, and knees. This will give you a competitive edge and help prevent future pain and injuries. 

Regular Daily Use: CBD Supports a Healthy Life

Giving your body a little TLC isn’t just for before or after a game. Using CBD gels regularly can help reduce the natural muscle damage and chronic inflammation of everyday life.

Those who take CBD tinctures report feeling less stressed, calmer, and more focused throughout the day. Many also report sleeping better each night, which means better muscle recovery and enhanced performance in all areas of life. 

Improve Your Pickleball Game with CBD Sports Recovery Gel 

Ready to play better and live better, too? You can enhance your game naturally with CBD Sports Recovery Gel and our CBD AM + PM Tinctures. 

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