Terpene Profile: Linalool

Terpene Profile: Linalool

What is Linalool?

Linalool is a common terpene found in flowers and herbs, like cannabis. It has an intense lavender-like aroma and gives cannabis its floral, spicy, woody scent. Linalool is also found in citrus plants, mint, basil, coriander, cinnamon, and several other plant varieties.

Benefits of Linalool

Terpenes like linalool are protective plant compounds that give a plant its unique smell and taste. Since they are usually antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, they also offer many health benefits.

  • Relieves anxiety.

    Linalool is well-known for having a calming effect. Studies show that it can significantly reduce anxiety and stress levels, as well as promote sleep. This is likely due to linalool’s ability to lower the stress hormone cortisol and increase “feel-good” serotonin. This terpene may be particularly helpful for those who struggle with insomnia due to nighttime anxiety or racing thoughts.

  • Reduces inflammation and pain.

    Linalool has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that help to relieve pain. Research shows that using linalool also helps alleviate pain by increasing the body’s adenosine levels, which blocks pain signals from entering the brain. In one study, patients who were undergoing surgery were given a vaporized form of linalool. Afterward, this group used 50% less morphine to relieve pain after their operations than the control group who were not exposed to linalool. 

What is Linalool Used For?

Linalool’s aromatic smell and flavor make it a choice ingredient in many foods and personal care products. As does its ability to calm the mind. Unstoppable’s PM Tincture: Rest + Recovery 1000MG CBD contains linalool to promote relaxation and restful sleep so your body can heal.
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